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  1. Chris Ward says:


    My first memory of you was as a loving mother to Ethan, I remember the day you brought him all nervous and shy to play soccer, both being from Europe we had a common understanding how we wanted to try get Ethan to takeup soccer. I love coaching Ethan, as I got to know you I realized what a great business woman you were and an inspiration to other kids wanting to take up performing arts. I’m still in shock about the news. Rest in Peace Sarah, you leave having touched and inspired so many children, making Las Vegas and the USA a better place. My heart goes out to Ethan and the rest of your family.

  2. Patty Arrieta says:

    I didn’t have the pleasure or privilege of knowing Sarah, but it’s not doubt she is loved beyond measure. I am deeply saddened and heavy hearted since hearing the news of her death. I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts and condolences with those of you that knew her best. It’s evident that she touched the lives of not only her family and friends, but her students and those who experienced her awesome talents on the Cirque stage. She leaves behind a legacy that will no doubt live on in the hearts of the people she inspired. Though never knowing her I can say that she’s inspired me and I hold her in my heart. My prayers are with her family, students, cast members and the aerial community around the world. Thank you Sarah for being brave and sharing your gifts and passion.

  3. SOFIE says:

    Sarah, pour moi aussi tu étais ce petit clown de disney qui avait réussit le “reve americain” qui me fait tant rever…… qui était encore plus grand depuis que tu avais ces 2 adorables bambins…. mais voila, le sort en a decidé autrement…. Tu avais encore toute la vie devant toi …. une grosse pensée pour Mathieu et tes enfants….et tous ceux que tu laisses dans le désarrois. veille sur eux de la haut ……….

  4. Pavel Brun says:

    I look at this picture with your smily face and I feel than I knew you, even though I did not… Why is that so?
    I see many faces of many unforgettable people I’ve dealt with while working in Cirque du Soleil, in a whole bunch of different shows… Why is that so?
    I think we’re all reflected in your smile as you’re looking at us from up above…
    That’s why…
    Rest In Peace… Rest Up-Above, Sarah…

  5. JJ says:

    Hello. I did not know Sarah but so appreciate her work and efforts as I have probably seen her perform. Sending condolences and love to her friends and family and to Cirque.

  6. Alvin Tam says:

    I remember when she first arrived at the show, brand new, and ready to learn. I ache for the loss, and cry tears for Mathieu and their children. I send you all love and light and support how I can. Much love and healing.

  7. Narnia Breathes says:

    Sarah, you brought tightrope, trapeze, and tons of joy into our lives! We will never forget you. Love, Narnia, Anorien and Ford

  8. Ariana says:

    Wherever you go, our hearts are with you – and with all our brave and talented performers. It’s clear you left a beautiful imprint on this world. Our playful interactions will be missed.

  9. Isabelle T says:

    Mes plus sincères condoléances a toute sa famille, a Mathieu et ses 2 enfants, Ethan et Emy. A tous ses amis et sa deuxième famille a KA, artistes et techniciens. Je pense a vous tous.

    Sinceres condoleances to her family, Mathieu and her 2 kids Ethan and Emy. To all of her friends and her second family at KA, artists and technicians. I think about you all. Much love.

    Reposes en paix Sarah et veilles sur tes 2 amours, tes petits anges. xx

  10. Sandra Giavedoni says:

    I was introduced to you by my husband Luis, who worked with you a few years ago. And even though we said hello and talked about kids only a couple of times, I feel deeply the fact that you are not physically with us anymore, circus people are a big family, brought together by the passion to this art. My condolences to your kids and family, may God give them the strength to cope with this tragedy. You will always be remembered. May God and his angels hold you in their arms.
    Rest in peace, Sassoon.

  11. Rebecca Erb says:

    Bless all of the performers at Ka and around the world that put their lives in danger for the love, thrill and entertainment of others. My condolences go out to Sarah Guyard Guillot’s family and friends. <3<3<3

  12. kathy says:

    je ne peux pas y croire!!! je revoie toutes ces moments passé a l’école du cirque fratellini avec vie est vraiment injuste je souhaite beaucoup de courage a tes enfants et mathieu et ta famille pour surmonter cette epreuve.repose en paix tu es dans mon coeur petite sarah

  13. MJ Moore says:

    Sasoun/Sarah…a truly kind and loving soul,that will be missed by us all. She is one of those wonderful people that always has a smile and an moment to say ‘hello’.

    Sasoun, will be missed,…by me,…my family (the boys!)…and certainly everyone else who’s ever had the pleasure of meeting her.

    My heart is saddened by her loss!
    While I mourn/grieve for the loss of her presence…I also realize that I can not imagine how deep this loss must be for her ‘true friends’, loved ones, and family(!).

    I can only offer my heartfelt sympathies and condolences…and anything I can do the assist in any way…feel free to contact me.

  14. Sophie says:

    Un de mes 2 petits clowns s’est envolé…je veillerai sur ta Caro de là où je suis et toi de la haut veilles sur tous ce qui t’aime…

  15. KC says:

    My husband and I attended the 7pm showing of KA on June 29th and we absolutely loved the show. Hearing the horrible news of you death the next morning broke our hearts! Thank you for entertaining us that night and sharing your beautiful talent while on this earth. Our hearts go out to the family and friends you left behind.

  16. Maria Lee says:

    As a huge fan of KA’ I just want to share how incredibly saddened I am by this news! The world has lost an immensely talented artist…God Bless her and her family.

  17. Chris Mitchell — La NOUBA 1998-2000 says:


    I did not know you and it has been 14 years since I have “officially” been a member of the Cirque du Soleil Family. But the Cirque Family is one that you never really leave. My heart cries for your children, your family and your friends. The Cirque Family has lost a shining star.

    I know that you are at peace now, having flown to heaven on acrobatic angel wings.

    Que Dieu vous bénisse très chère Sasoun.

  18. Anna says:

    My heart is broken, I will deeply miss you, not only did I have the oppurtunity to know you but I was honored to care for your wonderful children. I grew to know you, laugh with you, even cry with you, you will truly be missed by all that encountered your presence. I will continue to pray for you and the kido’s. My prayers are with the family, Mathieu, Much Love,

  19. Dimello says:

    Sason not met but know now she is an angel and will look at the circus worldwide. Look for us dear.

  20. KarenCK says:

    My prayers to your children and those you left behind. May you hold them close from above and guide them along their way, showering them with love they know could only be their mother’s.

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