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  1. Erin F says:

    Sarah, we were only just starting to get to know you through Cirquefit. You did a wonderful job instructing the next generation. Our daughter couldn’t get enough of Cirquefit or you. Your beautiful smile and energy will be missed!

  2. Elissa Wahl says:

    We were so blessed to have Sarah as part of our team of Instructors at RISE. She had a wonderful impact on so many children. She will be missed

  3. Gina Morrello says:

    What a beautiful person, Sarah, you will be sorely missed. We loved our time in CirqueFit with you! Love Gina, Amanda & Adam.

  4. Miranda Trenholm says:

    Sarah, you were a blessing wrapped in angel wings with the heart of gold. May you know how much love surrounds you still. Your aerials are dreams to millions of watchers and you touched our souls. You will be greatly missed. My heart is broken for your family and friends. Spread your wings and fly. ~ <3 ~

  5. Kelly roe says:

    A sad day for all those who know u, you will be deeply missed, love, strength and hugs go to the children and your family, may you rest in peace. X

  6. Jennifer Work says:

    You taught Marcus and Maddie the art of the flip, a skill they literally use daily. On her first real sleepover, Mads became a true believe in Nutella 😉 …..I’ll never open a jar without thinking of you. I still have the earring you left at my house a couple months back…and I think it will remain in my jewelery box forever. In so many ways, big and small you left pieces of yourself behind. We will treasure them and remember you with love in our hearts.

  7. Roberta Smith says:

    Sarah, le cirque t’a donne la vie et il te l’a volee. Je t’embrasse pour toujours ma petite soeur

  8. Ray & Christine Wold ("O") says:

    We never knew Sarah but it is a tragedy felt very deeply by all of us, special thoughts go out to her family, husband and dear children.

  9. Hugues Sarra-Bournet says:

    Sarah, je pense à toi ce soir mais surtout à toi Mathieu et à tes enfants. Je suis avec vous en pensée: tout mon amour. Je suis sans voix.

  10. Theresa Likins says:

    I’m going to miss seeing you every week. You inspired Alexi to work hard to pursue her dreams. You were one of a kind and your legacy will live on in all of the kids whose lives you touched.

  11. Maurizia Cecconi says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Giulia was just about to start working with you and try to learn from your talent.

    My heart goes out with you and your children.

    Love, and strength to you.


  12. Elizabeth says:

    I did not know Sarah, but mourn with the rest who did. I offer my deepest condolences to her friends and family.
    I’ve seen KA several times and am always so impressed by the artistry on display. I thank Sasoun for sharing that with myself and the rest of the audiences she touched during her time with the show.

  13. M says:

    Dear Sarah I did not know you but I have seen you perform and I have many friends who are in pain – I found this today which was given to me after my grand father died- what small comfort words can give – maybe someone will find some comfort in this “When I Must Leave You”

    by Helen Steiner Rice

    When I must leave you
    For a little while-
    Please do not grieve
    And shed wild tears
    And hug your sorrow to you
    Through the years,

    But start out bravely
    With a gallant smile;
    And for my sake
    And for my name
    Live on and do
    All things the same,

    Feed not your lonliness
    On empty days,
    But fill each waking hour
    In useful ways,

    Reach out your hand
    In comfort and in cheer
    And I in turn will comfort you
    And hold you near;

    And never, never
    Be afraid to die
    For I am waiting for you in the sky!

  14. Sherry says:

    You shared your passion with so many children and were an inspiration to them all. You brightened our days with smiles, fun and laughter.You are missed.

  15. Lore Gaddy says:

    You touched my daughter’s life, and instilled in her a love of the trapeze, and gave her confidence to do things she never thought she could. She said she feels like you were part of her family. You changed her life, and gave her courage, and you will always have a place in her heart. You are greatly missed and much loved.

  16. celine says:

    ma petite sarah ,je t ai connu en petit clown à Disneyland ,ton énergie débordante,je t ai vu en maman adorable ,je t ai vu en acrobate sur Ka,tu réussissais ta petite vie ,et ton rêve ton école ,en avril tu m avais donné l envie de te donner mon petit Tao pour le former comme son papa acrobate à tes côtés sur KA !!je suis sans mot ,je pense très fort à mathieu et tes enfants ,tu resteras en vie dans nos cœurs et dans l histoire du cirque du soleil, le final de ce samedi soir t as emporté ,on ne comprend pas on subi ce triste sort ,j aimerais que ce soit un cauchemar,la vie est injuste …repose en paix sassoun ,

  17. Danielle says:

    Sarah – My daughter only spent one week last summer with you during your circus camp, but the memories will last a lifetime. Victoria spent all year anxiously waiting to return to Las Vegas this summer just to see you again. In such a short time, you touched the lives of our family and will never be forgotten. Our hearts are broken for losing such a truly remarkable person, and our thoughts and prayers are now for your family. As written above – Spread your wings and fly.

  18. Rodney Barge says:

    She always used to tell me that she was getting fat. Anyone that ever met her could see that she was built like a tank!! She always wore her platforms cause it made her feel tall. So I always used to joke that the only thing fat on her was her toes. Well love, you still have fat toes!!! I will always miss that smile.

  19. Dave says:

    You are amazing and my kids loved your classes. You are now an amazing energy that surrounds us every day!

  20. Stephanie Fournier says:

    Sarah has impacted so many lives as a performer, a teacher and mother. My kids enjoyed the time they spent with you at Cirquefit, you energy and patience were amazing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your children and all who love you!

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