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  1. dgaddy says:

    Sasoun, you truly were part of our family. We miss you deeply. Now you are among the stars. I still don’t have words.

  2. David DECIRON says:

    Ton sourire restera gravé à jamais dans ma mémoire.
    Tu es un ange de bonheur.
    Je ne t’oublierai jamais.
    Repose en paix Sasoun…

  3. Cindy Jackson says:

    Sarah, since doing Miles’ birthday party in October you were a weekly presence in our lives. You gave me kind words and comfort in my divorce, was always so invested in Miles and shared so much of yourself with us in the almost year we knew you. He loved/feared you, and he and Ethan were your 5 yr old misbehaving rascals in an otherwise all girl all well behaved group. We so looked forward to years of being your student. Your time here was too short, your energy lives on in the children you taught. I remember the first time I saw you teaching them the tightrope. You said to them “it does not come easy, you have to fight for it.” And you jumped up there and showed them. And all their little faces just soaked that in. Amazing. Amazing. You are already so missed.

  4. labed rabah says:

    Repose en paix … puisse dieu le tout puissant t’accueillir en son vaste paradis , et qu’il donne du courage a ta famille

  5. Liz Waterbury says:

    – I can’t believe I’ll never again see your smiling face behind that mask of warrior paint. Or hear your infectious laugh. I will dearly miss your sky-high platforms, clunking into dressing room D, making those child-sized flared jeans look a foot longer. I will miss you asking me clarification about English cuss words, so you could more effectively banter with Julie and Zula. Most of all, I will miss your unbreakable spirit. You were, and always in my heart will be, among the most badass of badasses. The tiny hard-bodied girl who kept the boys in Climb at the top of their game. If I ever grow to be half the badass that I knew you to be, I can pass into the unknown a happy girl. So much love forever.

  6. Dee Dimmick says:

    For Sarah’s family and friends, it is with a heavy heart that we offer our thoughts and prayers for you all at this time. We have worked with many artistes and commend the dedication they have for their craft. Although we did not know Sarah personally, we have seen the smiles and sighs from people in the audience when performers of her calibre entertain.



  8. Michael W. "Spiff" says:

    Hundreds of miles, thousands of miles, near or far, your whole Cirque family mourns your loss and supports those you leave behind. We played with you (some call it work) and you touched countless lives. To those you leave behind, especially your children and family, call on us in your time of need; we will help you in ways you may not expect, you may not know why we want to help in any way we can, ask and we will give because Sasoun gave us so much.
    Il fait du beau reve mon ami.

  9. Anny Chouard says:

    Je n’ai pas de mot ma Sarah … Je pense grave à toi Emy Ethan Mathieu …Ta famille ! Tu étais la jumelle de ma fille ta Carouille inconsolable …. Nous allons te faire un bel hommage ici en France ma chérie …. Je t’aimerai toute ma vie ….
    Ta Mamy Nova !!!

  10. Karine says:

    Repose en paix Sarah.
    Je me rappelle quand nous répétions l’hippo a Disney…
    Courage et pensées pour tes enfants et ta famille.

  11. Franklin says:

    On ne peut pas dire grand chose face à ce genre d’événement où l’on se sent si impuissant. Paix à Sarah et une pensée à ses enfants et sa famille.

  12. Durwood and Pam Mason(Meg's dad and mom) says:

    Love you Sasoun and thanks for all the beautiful memories left to your audiences through the years.

  13. Éric Bouyé says:

    Je suis sans voix, la peine emplit mon coeur depuis que j’ai appris la terrible nouvelle.
    Tu étais pour moi l’exemple de la personne sur qui on peut compter. Tu restera dans ma mémoire à jamais ce clown de toon circus, ce singe de Tarzan, cet ange du cirque du soleil.
    Je voudrai trouver les mots qui apaisent la douleur de ta famille, mais comment ?
    Que tous ceux qui sont proches d’eux les entourent en notre nom et les serrent fort contre leur coeur.
    Repose en paix Ange du Cirque.

  14. debra brown says:

    My condolences to Sarah’s family and all the cast and crew at KA and all the cirque family. Who knows why people leave this earthly plane when they do. So sorry for the loss.
    Not gone….just gone on ahead. To her children, she will never leave you. Never ever.
    ‘All I know of love is that love is all there is’

  15. Jean-Luc Chatel says:

    I see the angels flying
    around you,
    I see their wings
    carrying you

    On your way to the sky above,
    say hi to the moon,
    While we all cry alone
    missing you, Sasoun…


  16. yann (kashtin) says:

    from the totem family,

    Our heart are broken, i can t find any proper word to express the sadness we have!
    it was a pleasure to work with you back in paris, and i remember our kids playing together, you will be miss sasoun! love and prayer to all your family!
    nobody have to forget how hard and dangerous our job are,going onstage everynight to give what we love most!

    Rest In Peace Sarah!❤❤❤


  17. Dave Las says:

    Everytime we go to a Cirque show we are astounded at the courage and athletic abilites of the performers. They are such gifted athletes that they make us forget how difficult and dangerous their craft is. Sadly it takes a tragedy like this to bring us all back to reality. I did not know this amazing spirit but want to send condolences to her family, friends and everyone in the Cirque family. If there’s any consolation it’s that she died doing something she loved to do and that is a life well lived. Bless her soul, her spirit the children she leaves behind. And bless all the Cirque performers.

  18. Lisa says:

    Sarah. I am still in shock after hearing this tragic news. You will be greatly missed by everyone. It has been an honor to have known you and a privilege to be looking after your children. My heart is with your family and especially with Ethan and Emy. Rest in peace. Xxxx

  19. Stephen Mauro says:

    so many times i heard Sasoun say (incorrectly) ‘small by small’ (aka little by little) but avoided correcting her because it just seemed to work coming out of her. her focus, her ‘tude, her dedication to her children, and the platform slippers. always with the platform slippers. adorable

    you will be ‘behind my head’ (another Sasoun translation gone wrong) whenever i pull on my hiking boots my dear.

  20. james wong says:

    Really going to miss Sarah and her CirqueFit classes here at The Fit Labs. We will have a permanent memorial up for her and will let all of you know. If anyone feels the need to stop by for any reason please feel free.

  21. Jessica says:

    Sarah was such a patient and loving mother. Every time she picked up her son from school the smile on both their faces said it all. She would come on a bike for him or with special plans. She was so sweet to all of us at the school. She will be missed. Prayers to her family and sweet children.

  22. Sophia D'Virgilio says:

    I am so sorry! I can imagine that you were an amazing person! Our whole cirque family is devastated. Totem is thinking of you!

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